Why Attend?

The Annual Technical Conference Host Committee is currently planning an in person event in Niagara Falls Ontario that will allow for speakers and attendees to come face to face for training, networking, and to discover the latest in reliability tools and techniques.

It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to the 39th CMVA  Annual Technical Conference on October 24, 25, 26,  and 27, 2022. An in person event, under the theme Training, Networking & Technology for Industry.

October 24 & 25 will involve 3 training courses (two offering certification).

October 26 & 27 will be the Technical Conference including 3 conference streams (2 English, 1 French) and a Trade Show.

Here is a list of topics that could be discussed:

      • Vibration monitoring and analysis (basic to advanced)
      • Precision Maintenance and alignment
      • Motion amplification
      • Acoustic and ultrasonic monitoring
      • Infrared thermography
      • Lubrication and oil analysis
      • Motor current and power analysis
      • Data-driven predictive maintenance (e.g. advanced pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc.)
      • Fostering innovation

The conditional maintenance community has expressed the need to acquire knowledge applicable to the field as acquired both in practice and theory. In addition, we look forward to learning about new technology & techniques which are a result of a rapidly changing workplace.

During this event, a Tradeshow will give you access to the latest technological advances and instrumentation specialized in conditional maintenance.

Tradeshow prize draw – value to be determined

CMVA prize draw – value of $250