Shaft alignment Level I – Leading to certification


Shaft alignment Level I – Leading to certification

Limited to 15 seats

This 2-day course leads to certification alignment specialists to level I to ANSI-ASA_S2.75. Level II certification will be available in future to certified level one alignment specialists.

For more information refer to the Alignment Specialist Performance Objectives.

A certified level one alignment specialist will be able to perform shaft to shaft alignment using a basic dial alignment method (Rim & Face) or a laser alignment tool on two rotating shafts coupled and uncoupled.

Skills and knowledge will include:

  • Alignment Principles, Tolerances, and Terminology as per Alignment Specialist Performance Objectives Appendix A os ANSI-ASA_S2.75 Standard.
  • Understand and know the four-stage process of the alignment of rotating shafts. Topics include Preparation, Inspection, Measurement, Analysis, Correction and Commissioning as per Performance Objectives Appendix-B ANSI-ASA_S2.75 Standard.
  • Understand and know Potential consequences of not following this standard include accelerated wear of machine components (bearings, couplings, and seals), shortened machine life, unscheduled outages, and hazards to personnel and the environment.
  • Understand and know how to remove machine stress from a machine in order to have the machine shaft in a neutral position.


This training program will be offered at the CMVA Annual Training Conference by MAAD Inc which is a division of BENCHMARK PDM Inc. It covers all the relevant information for the Alignment Specialist Level I. However, the exam is optional. There is a hands-on element to this training and MAAD will be providing dial kits and laser alignment tools.

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