Chapter Executive

Gurwinder Bhambra
Chapter President
National Marketing Committee
Director, National Board of Directors

Ryan Goddard
Chapter Vice-President
National Communications Committee

Mark Shoup
Chapter Membership Chair
National Membership Committee

Jacob Wiebenga
Chapter Treasurer

Alexandre Gauthier
Chapter Technical Director

Greg Poirier
Chapter Mentor

Lloyd Appelt
National ISO Committee

Jeff Down
Director, National Board of Directors
Chair, National Technical Committee


The Prairie Chapter has one $1000 William F. Eckert Memorial Bursary. Chapter members are invited to request a revision at any Chapter Meeting to change the amount of the bursary and/or the number of bursaries to be awarded. First bursary was 2009.

The bursary shall be open to any resident in the Prairie Chapter Region attending a university, college, or other technical institution in Prairie Provinces who is enrolled in a program of training for an engineering or industrial trade, which could or does now utilize industrial vibration and/or condition monitoring technologies.

Deadline to submit application, yearly : October 1st

Information and application form