Why Get An ISO 17024 Accredited Certification?



  • Better job opportunities;
  • Possibility of advancement and recognition of your skills;
  • Possibility of obtaining additional and relevant training in order to be accredited to the required categories;
  • Present in detail what is required to properly perform the duties of your position;
  • Increased levels of trust and pride



  • Define the tasks of the main stakeholders;
  • According to clearly defined and uniform criteria:

o   Promote the training of existing staff;

o   Define hiring criteria;

o   Establish salary scales according to skills;

  • Show increased confidence in the skill level of employees;
  • Have tools to demonstrate that their department has the qualities and skills required to perform quality work;
  • Have a way to motivate employees who are interested in improving their skills by having the opportunity to encourage and reward their efforts.



  • For each level:

o   Demonstrate that you have completed the minimum number of hours of appropriate training required by ISO 18436-2.

o   Demonstrate that you have the minimum number of months of machine vibration experience required by ISO 18436-2*.

o   Pass the certification exam with a mark of 70% or higher.

  • If you meet the 3 previous criteria:

o   Be a member of CMVA for the 5 years of your certificate without interruption, so that your certification is and remains valid.

  • *If you do not have this experience, you can take your course, write the exam, and if you are successful, CMVA will issue your certificate when you can demonstrate that you have the required experience.