Message From The President

Matthew Holmes, P. Eng.


Welcome to the CMVA website.

Our association connects more than 400 professional members in Canada and around the world. Together, and in collaboration with the industry, we are working to always improve asset reliability, mainly through knowledge sharing.

The CMVA is an ISO 17024 accredited certification body that validates the knowledge of hundreds of machine vibration analysts and alignment professional.  ISO 17204 accreditation attests that our certification process is compliant with ISO standards and of the highest quality possible.  This provides industry employers and clients with significant added value that ensures the employment of competent analysts and professional.

Because we believe that skills in the professional environment are developed through knowledge sharing, local CMVA chapters  meet regularly to participate in workshops, presentations and training sessions.  CMVA chapter events welcome all professionals regardless of their certification or membership.

The CMVA also hosts an Annual Technical Conference (ATC), which includes representatives from industry, end users, managers, product and service providers, consultants and trainers. Consult the ATC section of our website for details of the host region and to secure your participation in a preeminent asset management sharing event in Canada.  Again, this major industry event is open to all professionals regardless of their certification or membership.

We are excited about out 2023 training calendar that features CMVA verified world class training bodies.  These opportunities may just satisfy the professionals need to learn and grow.  Or lead to an ISO 17024 certification opportunity.

Reliability professionals may also wish to take advantage of the numerous technical papers available in the members only section.  Try an annual membership to gain access to this extensive selection covering many manufacturing, power production, green energy, chemical and many more industries.

Finally, we hope you will contact the CMVA to learn more and maybe find a place to learn and participate.


Matthew Holmes, P. Eng.
CMVA National President

December 2022