Chapter Executive

Matt Firth
Chapter President

Dora Orchard
Chapter Vice-President

Kyle Arsenault
Chapter Secretary

Joe Koncovy
Chapter Treasurer
Director, National Board of Directors
Member, National Technical Committee

Charles Scott
Chapter Membership Chair
Member, National Membership Committee

Matthew Holmes
Chapter Director
President, National Board of Directors
Member, National ISO Committee

Jesse Lapaire
Chapter Mentor
Vice-President, National Board of Directors
Member, National Communications Committee


Annually, the CMVA Atlantic Chapter will award a bursary (quantity of bursaries and amount to be awarded voted on at chapter AGM), open to all persons attending a university, college, or other educational institution in the Atlantic Provinces who is enrolled in a program of training for an engineering or industrial trade, which could or does now utilize industrial vibration technologies.

Deadline to submit application for 2021 bursary : May 20, 2021

Information and application form