Chapter Executive

Matt Firth
Chapter President

Dora Orchard
Chapter Vice-President

Joel Hicks
Chapter Secretary

Joe Koncovy
Chapter Treasurer
Director, National Board of Directors
Member, National Technical Committee

Charles Scott
Chapter Membership Chair
Member, National Membership Committee

Mike Bonga
Certification & Training Director

Kyle Arsenault
Technical Director

Matthew Holmes
Chapter Director
President, National Board of Directors
Member, National ISO Committee

Jesse Lapaire
Chapter Mentor
Vice-President, National Board of Directors
Member, National Communications Committee


Annually, the CMVA Atlantic Chapter will award a bursary (quantity of bursaries and amount to be awarded voted on at chapter AGM), open to all persons attending a university, college, or other educational institution in the Atlantic Provinces who is enrolled in a program of training for an engineering or industrial trade, which could or does now utilize industrial vibration technologies.

Deadline to submit application for bursary : May 20, yearly

Information and application form