Certification Impartiality Statement

Statement of Impartiality

CMVA provides an objective and balanced certification awarding service. CMVA adheres to transparent procedures based on ISO/IEC Standard 17024, which contain checks and balances to ensure the objectivity of the certification process. We take responsibility for the impartiality of our certification activities and will not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

CMVA’s Policies and Procedures, and Bylaws address potential and actual Conflicts of Interest (COI) and identify threats to impartiality on an ongoing basis. Our organizational structure is designed to manage any COI, including documenting, analyzing and eliminating or minimizing potential conflicts of interest arising from certification activities. We ensure the objectivity of our Board of Directors and all aspects of the CMVA Certification activities.

Certifications shall not be restricted on the grounds of undue financial or other limiting factors, such as membership, or unfair use of procedures to unfairly impede or inhibit access by applicants and candidates.
If at any time anyone has concerns, issues or questions regarding CMVA’s certification awarding services, please reach out by calling the Executive Director at (416) 622-1170, or by email at director@cmva.com.

Jesse Lapaire, P. Eng.
CMVA National President

February 6, 2024