Certification Renewal

Certification renewal comes in two parts:

  1. The certified analyst must provide verifiable evidence of continued satisfactory work activity without significant interruption. For this CMVA uses a point system, awarding points for different activities. There are multiple ways to earn the points needed to renew your certificate. You have 5 years to gather the necessary points (20 points for CAT 1 and 30 points for CAT 2-3-4). Otherwise, you will have to rewrite an exam. A successful review in a higher category also prolongs your certificate for another five years.
  2. Pay your certification renewal fee. If a certified analyst has been a CMVA member for the full 5 year term of certification, the certification renewal fee will be waived.


Many people wait until the last minute to remember all the activities in which they participated and which account for the renewal of their certificate. It is easy to forget activities that would have qualified. The best way to avoid search time, that could be long and complex after 5 years, is to use the form provided for that purpose and to fill it gradually over time.

Please take note that this is a three-page form. You may toggle from one page to another using the tabs at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet. Calculations are made automatically.

Use this form to apply for re-certification. Once completed submit to director@cmva.com
Re-certification is free if you have had an uninterrupted membership for the previous 5 years.

CMVA Renewal of certification request form