Annual Technical Conference Training Course Offerings

There are three training courses being offered the two days preceding the CMVA Annual Technical Conference. The dates of training onsite in Niagara are October 24th and 25th.


You will need to obtain your own hotel, flights and registration. There will be blocked rooms at preferred rates available until October 3rd.



Category II Vibration Specialist training course with option to take CMVA certification exam.

This course is ISO 18436-2 compliant and will be held in hybrid format with 4-day Live online class on Oct. 18-21 (10am-5pm EST) and 2-day in-person class in Niagara Falls (ON) on Oct. 24-25 (8am-5pm EST) (before the Conference) ending with the opportunity to take CMVA certification exam.

Personnel classified to category II are able to perform industrial machinery vibration measurements and basic VA using single-channel measurements, with or without phase trigger signals, according to established and recognized procedures. They require all the knowledge , experience and skills expected of category I, and in addition they shall at least:

      • Be able to define the measurement activities to be undertaken by a category I individual in the course of routine data collection;
      • Be aware of and capable of using the basic principles of signal analysis and, as such can define acquisition and analysis settings to collect data appropriate to the machine(s) monitored;
      • Be able to perform basic (single-channel) impact tests to determine natural frequencies;
      • Be able to interpret and evaluate test results from routine analysis and acceptance tests in accordance with specifications and standards;
      • Be able to diagnose common fault indications and recomment basic correctine actions commensurate with their area of machinery experience including carrying out single-plane balancing of rigid rotors with or without phase;
      • Be able to provide technical guidance to and instruct category I personnel.



Alignment Specialist Level I training course with option to take CMVA certification exam.

This two-day course will certify alignment specialists to level I to ANSI-ASA_S2.75. Level II certification will be available later to certified level one alignment specialists.

A certified level one alignment specialist will be able to perform shaft to shaft alignment using dial alignment method or a laser alignment tool on two rotating shafts coupled and un-coupled.

Skills and knowledge will include:

      • Alignment Principles, Tolerances, and Terminology as per Performance Objectives Appendix A os ANSI-ASA_S2.75 Standard.
      • Understand and know the four-stage process of the alignment of rotating shafts including Preparation, Inspection, Measurement, Analysis, Correction and Commissioning as per Performance Objectives Appendix-B ANSI-ASA_S2.75 Standard.
      • Understand and know Potential consequences of not following this standard include accelerated wear of machine components (bearings, couplings, and seals), shortened machine life, unscheduled outages, and hazards to personnel and the environment.
      • Understand and know how to remove machine stress from a machine in order to have the machine shaft in a neutral position.



Introduction to Reliability Maintenance Technologies course.

This two day offering will give insight to seven different reliability technologies being offered in industry today, and on how they work together.

Introduction to Reliability Maintenance Technologies course is designed to explain various technologies, show their practical applications,  and help you to determine if and when they are suitable for your maintenance program.

Reliability technologies reviewed will include (but not limited to);

      • Vibration analysis
      • Lubricant analysis
      • Ultrasound (Acoustic emission)
      • Thermography
      • Motion amplification
      • Precision maintenance
      • Motor current signature analysis