CMVA History

The CMVA grew out of the former Machinery Dynamics Subcommittee (MSDC) of the National Research Council of Canada, which began presenting the Machinery Vibration Seminars in 1970. The CMVA has continued and expanded the programs of the MDSC.

The first CMVA Chapter was formed in 1993 from the existing Atlantic Canada Chapter of the Vibration Institute.

CMVA was formed as a non-profit corporation under the provisions of the Canada Corporations Act in 1991.


Members join the national association and are chapter members based on their geographical location. Each chapter has its own executive and runs its own programs. The members control the organization through its Annual General Meeting.

A national Board of Directors elected by the membership is responsible for the operation of the association.

An Executive Director carries out the day to day business of the organization, under the direction of the Board. He is assisted in a task by a Services and Communications Coordinator.

Supplementary Letters Patent were issued effective May 25, 2001, changing the name of the association, the head office, and the statement of objectives. (New objectives are as stated in the by-laws of August, 2001.)