Burlington ON Sept 16-20, 2024 Category II Vibration Specialist Course – Leading to certification – exam not included – PDM Technologies


The ISO Category 2 training course is directed to those individuals who have mastered the basics of vibration analysis data collection. This course will build on the principals of Cat 1 teaching how to properly set-up the data collector for effective measurements, how to analyze a wide range of fault conditions, and better understand dynamic balancing, precision alignment, and alternate condition monitoring technologies.


The course will be held in person in Burlington Ontario. This is a 4 and 1/2 day course concluding with an opportunity to take an ISO accredited certification exam ( not included) on Friday afternoon.

PDM Technologies will be teaching this 38 hrs ISO 18436-2 compliant course with a certified category III vibration specialist instructor. Learn vibration analysis theory and techniques at the category II level.

Personnel classified to category II are able to perform industrial machinery vibration measurements and basic vibration analysis using single-channel measurements, with or without phase trigger signals, according to established and recognized procedures. Category II vibration specialists shall at least:

  1. Be able to define measurement activities to be undertaken by a category I individual in the course of routine data collection.
  2. Be aware of and capable of using the basic principles of signal analysis and, as such, can define acquisition and analysis settings to collect data appropriate to the machine monitored.
  3. Be able to perform basic (single-channel) impact tests to determine natural frequencies.
  4. Be able to interpret and evaluate test results from routine analysis and acceptance tests in accordance with specifications and standards.
  5. Be able to diagnose common fault indications and recommend basic corrective actions commensurate with their areas of machinery experience including carrying our single-plane balancing of rigid rotors with or without phase.
  6. Be able to provide technical guidance to and instruct category I personnel.