Full Spectrum Analysis

  • By Ken Keith
  • 5 years ago
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Don Bently was responsible for the “…development and commercialization of full spectrum data presentation format, showing forward and reverse precession components…” as stated on the Bently Pressurized Bearing web site (http://www.bpb-co.com). The data format is a standard display used by many vibration analysts to evaluate data captured from a pair of orthogonal probes.
Although the information in the plot is informative and helpful in evaluating some machinery faults, it can also be difficult to interpret and apply without full understanding of the physical characteristics that the plot represents. It is also is sensitive to probe orientation and rotation direction configuration, so that improper setup of the plot can result in very misleading results. With good understanding of the meaning of the plot display, full spectrum analysis can be helpful in analyzing a variety of different machinery faults.