How to financially justify investment in your PdM program?- Vincent Bédard & Arnaud Richer

  • By Emily McKinley
  • 3 weeks ago
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The primary purpose of any predictive monitoring (PdM) program is simple: to prevent catastrophic failures. These failures have negative effects by impacting machine availability, reducing production, maintenance costs, and thus decreasing overall plant profitability. An efficient PdM program can help mitigate these issues, and quantifying the potential savings is an important part of this to help justify investment in tools, training, manpower, etc.

This presentation will show the approach Laurentide Controls uses to help their clients achieve a quantifiable business approach using online Spartakus software, all while helping optimize the efficiency of their program. A few technical examples of vibration cases, from route-based data collection, problem detection, signal analysis and reporting will also be presented.