Louis Lavallée 2022 ATC Keynote address

  • By Ken Keith
  • 5 months ago
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Included in this presentation are 4 case studies:

  1. Commissioning of a New Motor on a Hoffman Blower
    • An electrical contactor remains closed after starting the motor. This has the effect of leaving an undesirable circuit impedance.
  2. High vibration readings from a mining main hoist
    • When gears are getting worn out, we can find sub harmonics of the gearmesh in the common factor.
  3. Abnormal condition of the bearings of the recently installed motor of a hoist.
    • Wrong grease used in motor. Thicker grease causes the roller to slip on the bearing race instead of turning.
  4. Small blower with pillow blocks, repetitive failures.
    • Wrong bearing used for this application.