Abstracts CMVA 2023 ATC


Here are some of the abstracts from presentations you will be seeing at the CMVA Annual Technical Conference on October 12 & 13, 2023 at Victoria, British Columbia.


Machining chatter: new solutions for an old problem

Self-excited vibrations during machining operations become unstable if the machining parameters are not selected appropriately. These unstable vibrations are known as chatter and can lead to critical damage to the tool, spindle, or workpiece. Predicting chatter-free machining parameters has occupied researchers for decades, but avoiding chatter is still a significant problem in designing productive machining processes. In this talk, I will review the physics underlying chatter vibrations and the common methods of designing chatter-free machining operations. I will then discuss the challenges of implementing those methods in industrial settings and new developments that address those challenges. The emphasis will be on topics studied in the Dynamics and Digital Manufacturing lab at UVic, including the modelling and measurement of process damping in machining, vibrations of industrial robots with milling end-effector, applications of Operational Modal Analysis in chatter modelling, and data-driven modelling of chatter. Successful industrial case studies will also be presented.