Appeals Handling


Receiving Appeals

When an individual completes the online Appeals Form, FM-011-1, it is submitted to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will review and validate the completed appeals form. This includes making sure all information is clear and complete, and gathers supporting documentation, as applicable to the situation. In a timely manner, the Executive Director will then respond to the Appellant to acknowledge receipt of the Appeal and will clarify any information at that time.

If the Executive Director identifies any potential conflict of interest regarding the appeal, the appeal is forwarded to the Appeals and Complaints Committee to follow up and resolve. The Committee is responsible to identify any of its members who may have made decisions related to the situation being appealed. If this is the case, this member must be excused from that particular appeal situation.


Evaluating Appeals

Upon receipt of an appeal, the Appeals and Complaints Committee review the appeal information. This information may include any or all of the following, depending on the decision being appealed.

    • Completed Application Form
    • Completed re-certification Form
    • Examination Results
    • Previous similar appeals

The Appeals and Complaints Committee will investigate and evaluate, in a timely manner, the appeal by reviewing all documented evidence and interviewing the appellant and applicable CMVA / ACVM staff and/or members as appropriate.


Decisions on Appeals

After the appeal has been evaluated, the Appeals and Complaints Committee will make a decision(s) as to the actions that need to be undertaken to resolve the appeal.

The Appeals and Complaints Committee will forward their decision(s) and resulting action(s) to the Executive Director along with all associated documentation. The Executive Director will review the documents and decisions to ensure they are in accordance with the requirements of the CMVA / ACVM management system. The Executive Director will provide a formal notice to the Appellant regarding the results of the appeal. All records related to the appeal are maintained and retained by the Executive Director.