Eco-friendly Event

Many CMVA members incorporate the notion of sustainability into their professional and personal lives.

As such, the CMVA wishes to do its part for the environment and adheres to an eco-responsible approach in the management of its annual technical conference. Various initiatives have been put forward:

  • Paperless promotion of the event. Use of emails, of our website and social networks.
  • Electronic and telephone registration and communications. Online payment, avoiding sending checks by mail.
  • Publication of conference content in PDF format accessible via the CMVA website.
  • Use of maximum resources and equipment available on the conference site.
  • Catering on the site of the conference.
  • When possible, accommodation on the site of the conference, thus avoiding transport.
  • Avoid as much as possible individual packages for drinks.
  • Giveaways to participants are useful and promote reuse.
  • Selection of a networking event venue which promotes and serves local products.