Remote Proctoring of Online Examinations


Due to restrictions caused by the global pandemic of Covid-19, CMVA was faced with the need to provide remote proctoring for online examinations.  After a careful search of available options, and keeping your privacy in mind while maintaining the integrity of the exam process, CMVA has partnered with Verificient Technologies who provide ProctorLive AI.

Upon qualification to take a CMVA Certification Exam, this remote AI service comes at a fee (a fraction of the cost of an in-person Proctor) and can be paid at the same time that your exam fee is paid.

Candidates preparing for online examinations will encounter a tech-driven approach to completing this task.  See the complete student user guide, available here.

It is recommended that Online Exam candidates carefully read and review this guide in advance of both the practice quiz and the actual examination, to fully understand the hardware and software requirements and become familiar with this new process.

Failure to provide the required hardware and software requirements will result in failure of the remote proctor software.


Your practice quiz has three main purposes:

  • To ensure that you can successfully login to the software by confirming links, usernames and passwords.
  • To confirm your identity with the software.
  • To practice navigating through the actual exam software you will be using for your certification exam.


Booking Your Remote Proctor Certification Exam Session

It should be noted that in order to book your certification exam, you must first complete the practice quiz. When booking the certification exam, you will be offered available time slots for the first two weeks of the calendar. If you are requesting an exam over two weeks in the future, and do not see your preferred time slot, contact Ken Keith, Executive Director at (416) 622-1170 or and he will arrange the time and date of your preference.


Any questions/comments/concerns can be directed to Ken Keith, Executive Director at (416) 622-1170 or