Become Certified – 5 Year Certification



CMVA ISO 17024 accredited Certification Prerequisites

      1. You must have received appropriate training from a trainer, recognised by CMVA, as being ISO 18436-2 compliant. This includes CMVA approved trainers listed at the CMVA website, as well as other accredited certification bodies (e.g., Vibration Institute and Mobius Institute).
      2. You must attain the appropriate experience in the field of machinery vibration condition monitoring and – diagnostics as per ISO-18436-2.
      3. You must successfully complete the CMVA certification exam.

Note: You may take your CMVA certification exam before you have completed the required experience. In this case, you would not be considered certified until your experience has been verified.

For more details you may refer to the exam application form.


Certification Procedure

      1. Apply to take a certification exam. The exam application form explains all prerequisites for taking certification exams.
      2. Upon approval go to the CMVA store to purchase your exam.
      3. Arrange for a proctor to adjudicate your exam through your trainer or use the “Remote Proctor” option.
      4. Take your certification exam.

Upon successful completion of a CMVA certification exam your certification is valid for 5 years from the date of the exam at which time you will need to renew your certification.


Training and Certification Policy

The CMVA recognizes a need and a desire for a national certification program for individuals working in the area of machinery vibration measurement, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. This is required to ensure that high quality data is acquired and properly analyzed to permit the reliable diagnosis and prognosis of machinery dynamic behavior. It is intended that the CMVA certification program be the widely accepted standard method of certification of machinery vibration professionals in Canada. CMVA offers ISO 17024 accredited Vibration Specialist Certification.

This program is implemented and administered by representatives of industry and the professions through the CMVA. Although the CMVA may choose to cooperate with various levels of government, the training and certification programs are not intended to be government regulated.

This certification program is intended to verify competency in vibration measurement and interpretation, supplemental to the skill set required by the individuals’ trades and/or professions.

This certification program is optional. It is not intended to impinge upon the authority and jurisdiction of the registered professions; however, there should be no barrier to involvement by members of the registered professions.

The requirements for this certification will be based on those parts of the current draft of the ISO 18436 Standard that are considered appropriate. The intent of those sections used shall not be changed from that of the ISO Standard. Additions that take the form of clarifications may be made.

The certification program is intended for candidates from various industries.

Numerous courses and private certification programs are in existence. It is hoped that the establishment of a national certification program and accepted training syllabi will encourage providers of these programs to participate in the national certification program.

CMVA prefers to leave training to commercial vendors to satisfy ISO 17024 requirements.